Debra Rapoport, 73 years old artist and style icon, can turn any piece of trash into one of a kind creation. Apparently, she has been doing this since she was three.

“Debra Debris”, as she calls herself, is an artist trying to spread beauty in her own way. She is also an actor, known for The Gift (2017) and Advanced Style (2014).

The New York City dumpster is where she finds raw material for her creations. Conscious of the environment, Debra has always made art for the body, using anything she could recycle and reuse. 

She has a master’s degree from the University of California Berkeley. But she made a career out of transforming garbage into fashionable wearables. Her work has been exhibited around the world.

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She has been making hats out of viva brand paper towels and selling them for $205 to $450.

For 50 years now, she has been working with sustainable and recycled materials.

She believes, “Where there is creativity, there are no rules. Where there are no rules, there is no fear. We’re so used to trying to fit in a box, and that’s killing us. I think we have to get past all the rules to be free.”

Debra Rapoport creates beautiful couture-style fashion from others’ trash and that’s a lesson for all of us out there. She finds value in the discarded waste.

She says “I can’t walk by without having a relationship with them. And then picking up and saying, ‘Okay, Let’s have a good time.’ I can’t bear the thought of it going into the landfill! But the first thing that happens is that relationship between us – like, oh my God this is fantastic, I can see where this is going to go and how I can manipulate it.”

“Why does everything have to be brand new? Frugality is Fun”, she adds.

It is really wonderful to see people like her out there trying to spread happiness and save the world in their own extraordinary way. Putting it simply, it is just BEAUTIFUL!

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