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Since he became the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi had made 39 foreign trips on six continents, visiting 57 countries in the process. The sheer numbers are astounding.

Whenever there is a debate on the performance of his government in the last four years, it is his foreign trips that come under scrutiny the most. When the numbers are such, you can perhaps understand why.

However, when he left for a 5-day trip to Africa earlier this week, with countries like Rwanda and Uganda on his map, even his most staunch supporters got thinking, What now, Modi Ji?.

Scratching our heads, we find out what exactly is on his agenda, or in much simpler terms, why has PM Modi gone to Africa?

PM Modi Gone To Africa

PM Modi Gone To Africa

PM Modi Gone To Africa

PM Modi Gone To Africa

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PM Modi Gone To Africa

Which country do you think should be next on his map? Let us know in the comments.

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Sources: Indian Express, The Times Of India, NDTV + more

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