Narendra Modi knew very well how to counter-attack Rahul Gandhi’s attempt to victimize him and the BJP government, but most of the spotlight was taken by the political jhappi.

The internet has been flooding with memes of Rahul’s hug to Modi in the Lok Sabha which took place in view of a no-confidence motion against the Modi government on 20th June.

But the most interesting of all was the wink by Rahul Gandhi to his acquaintances after finishing his speech about how the Modi government had seemingly destroyed the nation in the past 5 years.

The Hug And Accepting The Nickname: From Youth’s Perspective

Rahul Gandhi made a very smart move by accepting his ultra-famous nickname “pappu” in the Lok Sabha meeting on Friday. It is in human psychology that if verbal bullying is accepted with a smile, then the other person seems fearless.

Colours of diplomacy flew around visibly when Rahul said directed towards Modi,

“You may have a lot of rage against me in your heart, for you I might be Pappu but I do not have any anger against you, and I accept being Pappu for you!”

The above statement was highly contradicting the aggression Rahul showed in his allegations against the Prime Minister around the middle of his speech.

With a deep understanding, every youngster in this country can say that Rahul Gandhi very smartly tried to instill a sense of fear of losing the throne by asking Modi to get up from his chair for a hug, but failed in front of the veteran.

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Rahul Shoots The Jumla Attack

It was almost after two years that Rahul Gandhi had given a speech in the parliament and apparently, he did his homework in those two years studying carefully, the loopholes in the current government.

Again and again, for about ten minutes, the Congress President used the word “Jumla” which is an idiomatic expression to picturize fake and empty promises.

BJP’s most dangerous weapon is the Jumla Strikes: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi accused the Modi government of being untruthful:

 “The cost of the Rafale jet was 500 crores per jet in the UPA government and magically went up to 1600 crores per jet in the NDA government. Every Indian was promised 15 lakh rupees into their accounts but no trace of that anywhere! 4 crore youngsters were promised jobs every year but only 15 lakh have been employed each year! Jumla strikes have been most convenient for Modiji to reach into the poor man’s pocket and steal all the money!”

Political Tactics Behind The Hug

With the looks of it, Modi didn’t like the hug much, Rahul also tried to show his modest side and gain the trust of many by saying, “We are okay with being in power and out of power whereas Modiji simply cannot afford to lose power.”

To that, Modi wittily replied,

“Siyasat ki kursi se jo aap mujhe uthana chah rahe hain na, desh ko 120 crore Janata ne bithaya hai wahan, itni asani se nahi uthunga!”

(Trans: You’re trying to get me off this chair of political power. Well, I won’t do that so soon, the citizens of this country have proudly made me sit there.)

Modi hugs the primes of every country he visits as a friendly gesture. Rahul making a similar gesture could have been a taunt on all the international trips that Modi has made in his term.

Youngsters of this country can learn a lot from just that one Lok Sabha no-confidence motion meeting in terms of how diplomats work, how power is held and protected, and how Rahul Gandhi is being underestimated but has a lot of tricks up his sleeve apparently.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the youth of India, the satta ki daud has officially caught fire with the hug and now there shall be no retreat from either side. We are all in for quite a match up.

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Sources: The Economic Times, QuoraBusiness Line

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