Elections are around the corner and it is of utmost importance that we cast our vote judiciously. As educated people, we should be aware enough and not fall into the divisive, religious politics of the copious political parties.

The political narrative in this country is abysmal and is often centered around religion, hollow promises and huge rhetorics.

As stated by Vinod Dua, it is of utmost importance that we judge a party based solely on the work that it has done. ‘Work’ that can be seen or felt and the way, citizens get benefitted from it.

One doesn’t need to be pro-BJP or pro-any other party. What one needs is to have a clear sense of judgment based on multiple factors.

So, the next time, a politician comes to your area to ask for votes, ask yourself these 7 questions and if most of the answers are in the affirmative, go and vote for the party of the concerned politician.

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Sources- The Wire- Jan Gan Ki Baat

Images- Google

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