Malana is an isolated village residing in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated on a remote plateau by the side of the flowing Malana river.

There are two theories about how the Malanese descended, according to one, they are the descendants of Aryans and were freed by Akbar when he walked into the Malana forests and cured an ailment.

However, an alternative theory suggests that they are the descendants of the Greek ruler, Alexander the great.

It attracts tourists from all over the world for its famous ‘Malana cream’, a strain of Cannabis hashish, which has high oil content and an intensely fragrant aroma. It is also one of the most expensive hashish on the Amsterdam menu.

The Malanese people do not mix with other people and still practice the age-old traditions and speak a sacred language, ‘Kanashi’ which is quite distinct from the languages spoken in the neighboring areas.

Opposed to modernism they live in their own shells and still practice untouchability. All non-Malanese people are considered inferior.

Anyone visiting Malana must be careful and aware of the restrictions the Malanese impose, for example, the visitors aren’t allowed to touch the Malanese people and even their houses, walls and other belongings.

Here is a glimpse into the scenic village of Malana.

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Sources: Wikipedia, DailyBhaskar, Tripoto

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