If you stay on the precipice of the United States and Canada border, or even in either of the countries, it can be easily assumed that you have straddled your way to the geological wonder that is Niagara Falls.

It is still a mystery as to how the humongous waterfall makes way for a straddling amount of water to fall through its ends and to witness this very same mystery, thousands of tourists make their way to see it unravel.

One of the most famous destinations for couples to visit for their honeymoon, Niagara Falls apart from being a sight to behold under normal circumstances, is also one of the major sources of electricity for both countries, owing to the generation of hydroelectricity. This in itself makes it much more than just another pretty waterfall to fall for. 

Niagara Falls is a group of three waterfalls located at the southern end of Niagara Gorge, spread across the border between Ontario in Canada and New York in the USA. Horseshoe Falls, also known as Canadian Falls, is the largest of the three falls.

The smaller ones, American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls, are situated within the United States. Over the past weekend, these waterfalls recorded a temperature hovering around 12 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. 

In the same instance of the past week, the Niagara Falls froze over to create a view that can only be described as straight out of a fairytale. And, to be fair, simply stating this barely does the picturesque beauty of the sight any justice and thus, the pictures below shall be a feast. 

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The frozen Niagara Falls, reportedly, are too powerful to properly freeze over however, the mist surrounding the falls freezes over, enveloping everything close to it in layers of ice. It has also been noted that the Niagara Falls can freeze over entirely as well.

This leads to 40 ft deep sheets of ice floating at the foot of the falls.  When the temperature stays below zero for long, ice bridges also appear and look like glaciers rising into the sky.

Next time around, book a ticket to the States to witness this along with your beau.

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Sources: Times Of India, Economic Times

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