In Pics: The Earthlings NGO Has Cleaned Hyderabad Of 100 Tonnes Waste With Minimal Funds In No Time: Swachh Bharat Listening?

If you can't live in a house that isn't clean, how can you live in a city that is dirty and filled with garbage? Here's what Earthlings NGO is doing about it.

What do you do when you see a garbage dump somewhere in the city while you’re driving past it? Do you stop and try disposing some of it?

The Earthlings NGO, started in 2016, has cleared almost a 100 tonnes of waste in the city of Hyderabad.

Hundreds of Earthlings volunteers put up dustbins around the city, pain walls, plant trees and help spread awareness about environmental protection and reconstruction.

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If you want to contribute in environmental protection and reconstruction, Earthlings is waiting for you to join as a volunteer.

Information provided about the waste collection during Airtel Hyderabad Marathon – 25th and 26th August, is genuine information from reports sent by Earthlings NGO.

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