Hemlata Kabdwal aka Hemani from Nanital’s Mukteshwar town in Uttarakhand is reviving Aipan art – a ritualistic folk artwork.

Here are some pictures showcasing her engrossing journey and beautiful artwork.

It is a ritualistic artwork depicting abstract art, stories, the sacredness of the stories, some even show plants and animals, some designs are purely oriented towards gods and goddesses.

Her art is a fusion of multiple folk arts found all around the country. It is distinct and appreciated by many. Her family was not very keen at first, but now seeing her talent, they support her

She paints a wide variety of utensils, wall paintings, walls, photo-frames, and much more. She teaches the art and sells it for a living.

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Lockdown really affected her business but she did not give up and started teaching online, she believes that teaching people is a way of never letting this artwork disappear.

The country’s traditional art is dying and reviving it and cherishing it is our duty. Lives, houses, children so many depend on it for survival. A little share, a little thought of awareness can save and provide for them.

You can see her captivating artwork in further details on her Instagram page – @hemlatakabdwal

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