Kangana Ranaut has been in the news recently mostly due to her spat with Punjabi singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh.

A few days back, Kangana tweeted about how an old senior woman at the ongoing farmers’ protest is the same one as Bilkis Dadi.

Bilkis Dadi, an 82-year-old woman, had gained prominence due to her steadfast determination in protesting against the Indian central government’s CAA bill. Even during the bitter winter of Delhi, she refused to move from her post and kept protesting against the discriminatory nature of the bill.

Diljit, on seeing Kangana’s now-deleted tweet against the totally different senior woman protester, even called her out on her language:


But Kangana is known for her, let’s be real, crass and overly rude language when she is in the mood to take down someone.

Here are a few instances where she has not really taken the time to think before speaking or tweeting about someone whom she feels has done something wrong.

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One has to wonder if being a public figure should not make her a little more thoughtful on what words she is putting out there and the influence they can have on other people.

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