The Japanese are a good bunch of people, we all know that. But the latest example set by the Japanese football team is one we all need to take note of, and admire.

In another enthralling encounter in this World Cup, Japan lost to Belgium in the dying moments of the game. What made the defeat even more agonizing was that at one point in the game, the Japanese found themselves 2-0 up with hardly 25 minutes left on the clock.

As Nacer Chadli scored the winner after a world-class counterattack, the Japanese players sank to their knees in agony. Having given all they had in the match, they were understandably crestfallen.

Despite all of this, once the game was over, the Japanese players thanked their supporters in the stadium.

The players cleaned the locker room, and even left a ‘thank you’ note in Russian. Their teary-eyed supporters, meanwhile, cleaned the stadium.

Sit back, admire and appreciate:

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Now that’s called losing with dignity.

The Japanese may have left the tournament, but their act will surely live with us forever.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: CNN, Independent, Business Standard

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