IIT Bombay never fails to amaze us with their inventions and projects. But this time they have changed the very face of virtual meetings that we have nowadays, thanks to the pandemic.

While every student was in a tizzy thinking about exams and placements, along with the sadness of leaving college and simultaneously dealing with online classes, IIT Bombay utilized this time and built an app to give their students a special convocation ceremony.

On Sunday, IIT Bombay held its 58th annual convocation ceremony in virtual reality mode. And when they said virtual reality, they meant it.

The Virtually Real Ceremony

The ceremony was held through the ‘IIT Bombay Convocation 2020’ app, specially designed to give the students a sense of pride and achievement of passing out of a leading engineering institute.

This year, more than 2400 students, including undergraduates, post-graduates and those enrolled in doctorate programs, graduated from the institute.

Among them, 1200 students used the app to take part in the ceremony from the comfort of their homes. Students who were unable to access the app could also watch the ceremony through the live telecast on the institute’s social media and DD Sahyadri.

The ceremony was not a Zoom call-based regular meeting, but rather, students could actually see themselves receiving their degrees via 3D avatars.

A plus point of the app was that there is no need for an Internet connection for it to run.

To give students the feel of an actual graduation ceremony, everything from the senate to the institute song was included, maintaining the COVID-19 physical distancing and safety norms. 


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No ceremony is complete without guest lectures and a lecture by the director. 

The mobile app ‘IIT Bombay Convocation 2020’ was designed by 20 experts, mostly from the IDC School of Design. The app took about 5000 person-hours to complete and be able to present a one of its kind ceremony. 

Apart from the ceremony, the app also allows students to re-visit the college virtually, and hang out with their friends at their favourite joints.

IIT Bombay surely knows how to make the best out of a catastrophe. We applaud them for their innovativeness and ingenuity.

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Source: Hindustan Times, News 18, Indian Express

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