The present generation has seen a wide variety of changes appear around them as they witness a rather ‘balanced’ world. The world has divided itself into two parts much like a coin weathered on one side while the other remains sparkling as ever.

The world that exists and persists on the behest of providing an egalitarian society while the other seeks to thrive in disparity forever.

It is the former that these LGBTQ+ activists and icons helped create that moved our world to become a much more accepting and equally poised place for people to live in.

Although LGBTQ+ rights still have a long way to go in myriad countries, a small victory is worth a milestone sometimes. We lost quite a few of them in 2021, some to accidents, some to diseases and others to old age, yet, they shall remain immortal in the golden texts of history.

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They were and still are the heroes that we should strive towards for this world is ours to build, and it should only be for the better.

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Sources: Openly, Hindustan Times, Washington Blade

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