2020 will probably be remembered for many reasons besides COVID-19, a year of twists and turns, the onset of the digital era and probably as the year when the conventional office dress code transformed for good.

As the world made its way to ‘work from home’ the decades-old office dress code was also deconstructed overnight. 

Suddenly, the workwear became something comfortable to wear rather than the stifling buttoned formals.

Now, nothing seems more appropriate or comforting than softer fabrics, knitwear, looser silhouettes, hybrid looks combining activewear and ready-to-wear as well as flat shoes—especially slippers. Who would’ve thought the long-time desire of many would come true in this manner? 

Now having tasted the freedom of non-confining silhouettes, will we ever want to button ourselves into rigid blazers again? Well, the answer to this question might be how the workwear will look like in the post-pandemic world.

A peek of the same is given below:

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Even if things go back to normal, no one is going to wear tailored suits, not that people wear any as many ready-to-wear options are available these days.

Days of business formal and casual Fridays will probably be gone in the post-pandemic world with ‘comfort’ becoming the new ‘classic’.

Image credits: Google images

Sources: Vogue, Coveteur, The Harvard Gazette

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