Do you believe in prophecies? Maybe not. But surely you all must have heard about them in various mythological stories, folklore, history,  and even pop culture.

From Kans mama‘s assassination by his nephew Krishna to Voldemort’s death at the hands of ‘the boy who lived’, we have come across an infinite number of self-fulfilling prophecies acting as plot devices that give us goosebumps.

But, how many times have you witnessed such prophecies made in fiction turn true in real life? If your answer is ‘never’, then you must be surprised to hear that the world you are living in at present was predicted by not one but many such works of fiction!

Yes, the invasion of the COVID-19 pandemic and its reign in the country for the past two years was predicted ages ago in various books, movies and even cartoon series. While some were subtle and indirect with their predictions, others were absolutely accurate. If you still don’t believe us then have a look at these pictures down below.

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Which of these predictions do you find the most accurate? Or would you call them a mere coincidence? Let us know in the comments down below!

Sources: Forbes, Times Of India +more

Image Source: Google Images

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