2020 has been nothing short of a deluge of horrifying events. In just a mere span of six months, we have witnessed locust attacks, wildfires, violent clashes (thanks to CAA), and of course the infamous pandemic.

However, nature has its own way of compensating for whatever bad things are happening right now. Around a month ago, the capital witnessed a full arch rainbow after a light drizzle and rejoiced the citizens at once. It was a truly phenomenal sight.

For many people, it was the first time that they saw such a beautiful rainbow in this otherwise smog full city.

It was a refreshing sight after weeks of negative news.

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Gurgaon Enveloped By Black Clouds

Today, Gurgaon experienced something just as beautiful, rather surreal when the city was enveloped by black clouds.

Residents of the city shared photos of this very rare sight on Twitter. Here are a few:

Apocalyptic Enough? Feels like a spaceship is gonna emerge from these clouds any second. Jadoo might finally be here.

Ever seen such a sight?

Clouds so black, they look like industrial smoke. Maybe the first time the residents are seeing black skies that aren’t a result of pollution.

Clouds so dark. But still not darker than my future. (cries in a corner)

The sky gently touching the ground in Gurgaon.

These pictures give a sense of satisfaction like nothing else. Nature is beautiful indeed and having to witness its wonders is nothing less than a blessing.

Sources: Hindustan Times, Indian Express

Image Sources: Google Images, Twitter

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