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No Motivation No Gain: How To Transform Your Mind to Achieve Harmony According to Alessandro Cassano


Motivation is an elemental engine when you decide to take a new path. It is the factor that keeps you focused, determined, and willing to break down obstacles, cross boundaries, and achieve what may be impossible for others.

For Alessandro Cassano, Personal Life Coach and NLP specialist, motivation is everything, because without it, maintaining the objectives would be in vain. It is precisely on this thought that he has focused his entire career, and that is surely why he has come so far.

Cassano can be defined as an expert in the world of fitness, although in his humility he does not qualify as such, his experience and dedication, undoubtedly reflect the opposite. Since his youth, he has dedicated a great deal of time to prepare himself intellectually, physically, and mentally enough to open up a path full of challenges and achievements.

His sporting development began from childhood, where he excelled in sports such as Karate. And later in his youth with the practice of Wing Tsun, techniques that due to his fascination would begin to impart some time later.

After obtaining his certificate as a personal trainer, the passion did not diminish and therefore the motivation remained intact. He started giving “one to one” lessons, which consisted of private lessons. Until he got the opportunity to cooperate with high-level players such as Marco Marchionni, Amauri, and Gianni Munari, as well as with Giambattista Venditti, a rugby player who wore an Italian shirt for a few years, and Matteo Azzali, a wrestler.

All these details led him to increase his motivation and prepare himself even more. In this opportunity to start mainly as a metabolic trainer and finally, in 2020, to reach his specialty in NLP Neuro-linguistic Programming. All this, to advance in his physical and mental preparation.

Each step more incentive

For Alessandro, motivation is not an aspect that appears out of nowhere. It is linked to many factors, including a person’s willingness and ability to break down barriers that are often self-imposed.

This is why he combines both physical and mental training, to achieve balance and bring well-being in all senses to those who follow his training systems.

It assures that the human being requires mainly to believe that it is possible, to trust in his potential and in this way to advance towards his objectives. All this, after having identified their needs and the work they must do to satisfy them.

It is on all this knowledge that Alessandro based his new training system called TRIVO. It is a methodology in which, in addition to providing physical improvement, it works to strengthen a positive mentality focused on the needs of each person.

For this personal trainer, finding the point of motivation is the first step to advance towards the fulfilment of the goals, that is why he gives as much importance to the mental well-being as to the physical one.

Empathy and determination

In the fitness environment as in many others, it is possible to find a great diversity of people. Alessandro assures that part of what he calls “his mission” is not only to maintain empathy in each of the cases with which he has the opportunity to share but also to share the determination and willingness to go all the way and see the best results.

“To be a personal trainer and life coach means to be by someone’s side in the physical and mental realm as both are equally important. I am committed to forming strong and authentic relationships with my athletes and clients because I want them to feel they can trust me and that they do trust me.”

In large part, this is why this coach has been so successful throughout his career. Beyond seeing his experience as a job and those around him as mere clients, he speaks of a relationship, a purpose together, and a two-way growth. This means that each experience can add to and enrich your life on a personal level.

Today, Alessandro continues, working to bring his system of training and knowledge to expand in different areas, where he will continue to prioritize the need to establish emotional balance to transform your physical well-being.

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