You are well informed about how certain things, like inflammable or sharp objects, are restricted in airports, shopping complexes, theaters, and other places. But did you know that certain things that are considered to be perfectly normal in one part of the world can be banned in some other countries?

Yes, France limits the consumption of vinaigrette, ketchup, and mayonnaise in public schools, while blue jeans in North Korea can get you into prison.

There are so many books that get banned from stores and markets, while plenty of movies are rejected even before being released into theatres or on OTT platforms every year. This is quite normal. But sometimes the governments of certain countries go on to take severe steps and implement weird laws on their citizens.

The content editor at Your Overseas Home, Mr. Christopher Nye, said, “Before travelling or moving to a new country, it’s always a good idea to get to grips with their culture and customs – and that includes any weird and wonderful laws that are enforced. Staying on the right side of these laws is imperative not only to keep the peace, but failure to do so could land you a hefty fine, deportation, or even imprisonment in some cases!”

So before packing your bag for a trip overseas with all the things that can get you into trouble, learn about what is restricted in which country. Here are a few things that may seem normal to you but are banned by the governments of various countries.

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