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In Conversation with a Rising Entrepreneur, Yari Gerussi talks about his Make Money System


Entrepreneurship has lots of glamour, hype these days all thanks to the online world. It is not easy to connect people with your vision until you are Yari Gerussi, better famous as @1bd_yg on IG . The young entrepreneur from Brescia is a fast-growing entrepreneur.

Yari Gerussi is climbing the right ladder on the right wall—He has identified his audiences and is growing good in the market. His money-making system is helping people develop better than most in the market. We got a chance to ask him a few questions related to his work, and he answered brilliantly.

Q- Tell us about your guides, MMS Bibles.

Yari Gerussi: MAKE MONEY SYSTEM. In America, they are powerful and also on my profile! Could I by chance say that whoever discovered my face discovered America?

If I decide to enter, what should I expect inside, can you give us some anticipation? No. The usual scam, such as losing your job, money and friends, is still a top-secret project today; only those who follow me and will be in my online meeting (1000 limited seats) will know.

Q- Ok, we can understand your Privacy. Let’s take another question than Why the provocative subtitle “the usual scam? “

Yari Gerussi: Unfortunately, I have to say one thing that many will not like: I love Italy, food, landscapes, but many times I run into a dull mentality that if you see a successful person, it labels you either as a father’s son or as a scammer. In the mindset of our country, they teach us from an early age to stay within the canons and take a position with little exposure.

I want to be against it and provoke all those who, despite 1000 objective proofs, cannot understand these results and therefore justify my success and my followers as a scam to themselves.

 Q- Do you think something similar has already come out on the market?

Yari Gerussi: Hahahahahhaha sorry. Even Ferrari and Skoda (nothing to detract from Skoda) are two similar instruments both have doors, engines and wheels; you will understand why they are two distinctly different levels. In any case, by answering you openly, I can say that perhaps someone has brought out an old rusty tub.

Q- Is your product for every age people or just for young ones ?

Yari Gerussi: This is not a product; it is not a service. This is a revolution and is suitable for anyone who wants to do the next level.

Q- Do you think that the web has all these opportunities within it?

Yari Gerussi: I am sure that the web has many more opportunities than the ones I know you and all our readers. It is a world in continuous evolution, a magical world where the gift of ubiquity exists!

Q- Many speak of an “ecosystem” that you are creating, can you explain better what it is? 

Yari Gerussi: Curiosity is said to kill the cat. Of course, you also know what an ecosystem is. Now imagine you have your financial ecosystem, would you feel serene reaching independence? Would you think quiet knowing that with the tools in your possession you can then face your life by achieving your goals? Let’s not dwell on what it is, be a visionary too, see what it can bring you. A balanced ecosystem allows life and evolution; this is the goal of those who will be within my project in the financial world.

Q- Why did you decide to limit access to only 100 people? 

Yari Gerussi: This system is unique. Unfortunately, there is no place for everyone in the first class, not even here. Maybe we didn’t understand each other. Our team will take care of providing 24h assistance to the individuals who will be part of it, so at this moment we too, despite being regretful, have limits.

Q- What do you feel you can recommend to young people who want to take your path? 

Yari Gerussi: First of all, I want to advise them to pursue their studies. In the hateful and future years, the educational background is fundamental, and the outlets without a significant cultural level do not exist.

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