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How to Pick the Best Smart TV For You?


A television is one of the most common entertainment units you cannot miss in many homes.  Due to technological advancements, TVs have really evolved, and this has led to emergence of smart TVs.

A smart TV features an operating system and an intergraded internet. This means that unlike the ordinary TVs they can connect to the internet through Ethernet or Wi-Fi. As a result, they allow you to access different online services such as Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter among others.

They are also compatible with different apps and this means that they support live streaming. Due to their unique features, they have become so popular today which means that choosing the best smart TV or best LED TV is not an easy task.

In this guide, we shall take you through some of the things you should check when searching for the best smart TV.

  1. Size – Smart TVs are available in different sizes which means that you need to consider the available space before buying. If you are intending to install it in your bedroom, you may need to look for a small unit. On the other hand, a larger model will be the best for your living room. Again, the type of installation may also affect your choice. You can either opt to install it on the wall or on a stand. Another thing that you need to consider when determining the correct size is the height of the TV to ensure that you can view it comfortably without straining.
  2. Sound quality -Another important thing you should consider is the sound quality. Make sure that your smart TV has a good balance of picture and sound quality. You should check the wattage of the internal speakers. For example, a 10-watt speaker will be enough for medium sized rooms but if you want to get the best experience, you should ensure that the inbuilt speaker have between 15-25 watts.
  3. Type of Display – The type of display in your smart TV is another key thing you should be concerned about when buying a smart TV. The 4 types of smart TV displays are QLED, LED, OLED and LCD.

-LED and LCD – These ones are the most common types of smart TV displays. They work almost the same since they use liquid crystal display. However, they differ in the way they emit light from the back of the screen. For example, LCDs normally use Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp at the back of the screen while LED displays use Light Emitting Diodes. The good thing about both LCD and LED displays is that they provide better viewing angles due to their slim appearance. Again, the two are the most energy efficient types of display. In terms of price, they are the cheapest.

-QLED – The QLED is a new technology which uses quantum dots to provide colored light. One of the major benefits of this type of display is that it enhances the brightness of the display which means that it is better than LCD and LED televisions. QLED displays are used by Samsung LED TVs.

-OLED Display [Organic Light Emitting Diode]- This type of display is the most expensive. It uses individual organic pixels and as compared to others; OLED display provides the best black levels. OLED display is used in LG LED TVs and Sony LED TVs

4. Operating System– The operating system is the main feature that differentiates a standard TV and a smart TV. It determines the overall performance of the unit which means that you need to ensure that your smart TV has a reliable operating system. Some of the best operating systems you can find in many smart TVs are WebOS, Android TV, TizenOS, Fire TV, Roku TV and My Home Screen.

5. Screen resolution – The screen resolution determines the number of pixels that will be displayed on the television. Therefore, a smart TV with a higher number of pixels will provide sharper images with excellent details. Today, TV manufacturers are now focusing more on Ultra HD and 4K television sets. Smart Televisions that uses 4K technology provides 4 times better pixels as compared to others. Also note that you can still find TVs with 8K technology, but they are very expensive due to their exceptional quality.

6. Picture Engine – The picture engine is the technology used to process images in a television. It enhances the pixel count to ensure that you get very clear pictures. The most popular types of picture engine used in Smart TVs are;

-HyperReal Engine – This is a dedicated picture engine for Samsung smart TVs. It provides excellent images with amazing colors.

-Triple XD Engine – This technology is commonly found in LG Smart TVs and it helps in enhancing the color and the contrast of images. This gives you clear images with excellent picture quality.

-X Reality Pro Engine – The X Reality Pro Engine is a dedicated picture engine for Sony Smart TVs. It enhances each pixel in an intelligent way to give you images with unmatched clarity. It also adds important details such as missing colors, texture and vibrancy to the images.

-4K Fine Remaster Engine– This engine can only be found in Panasonic 4K TVs and it helps in scaling up the content you seen in a 4K TV.

7. HDR – When searching for the best smart TV, you need to ensure that it is compatible with High Dynamic Range [HDR]. This technology provides accurate visuals with precise details. As a result, you will get a life-like viewing experience. It also offers a wide color gamut with excellent contrast.

8. Display Panel – There are two types of display panels in smart TVs. These are

-VA Display Panel – This is a vertically aligned panel and it is usually common in LED TVs. If you are looking for a smart TV with incredible picture quality, you need to ensure that it features VA display panel.

-IPS Display Panel– The In- Plane Switching Panel is another common type of display you can find in many LED Televisions. In case you are searching for a top-quality smart TV for a wide room, you should ensure that it has IPS display panel.

9. USB and HDMI Connections – In case you will need to connect various devices or speakers to the TV, you will need to consider the number of available ports. Make sure that the ports are enough for your devices.

10. Picture quality – One of the major reasons why people prefer smart TVs is because they provide clear pictures as compared to other TVs. Some of the things that may determine the picture quality are;

Refresh rate– This is the number of frames a TV can display within a second and it is usually measured in Hertz. A TV with a refresh rate of 60Hz will display 60 images per second. When buying, you should consider a TV with the highest refresh rate.

Contrast ratio– This one refers to the difference between how bright your TV can be how dark it can be. It is the major aspect that determines the picture quality.

Color reproduction– This is the ability of your TV to create enough colors when presenting images.

11. Connectivity – Most smart TVs provides different connectivity options such as USB and HDMI. You may also consider those that provide wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

12. Extra features – Smart TVs come with different features such as;

-RAM and Processor – The RAM and the Processor are very important because they determine the overall response rate of the unit when browsing or using different apps.

-Remote – You should also ensure that the remote control that comes with the unit is very easy to use.

-Universal search – This feature allows you to navigate and access different features more easily. Smart TVs with this feature are more convenient and easier to use.

-Video streaming – The good thing about Smart TVs is that you can easily stream videos from Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO Now and other services without any problem. However, not all models have this feature, and this means that you need to confirm before buying.

-Games – There is nothing more exciting than playing your favorite games on a big screen. Some smart TVs comes with inbuilt games which you can enjoy during your free time. Again, they allow you to enjoy play station which is also a great thing for those who love the game.

-Media player – With a media player, you can easily access videos, pictures and music anytime. This means that if you can access all these features in your smart TV the experience will be fantastic.


Smart TVs are the best TVs you can find on the market today. What sets them apart from the rest is that they use advanced technology which enables them to connect easily to the internet. As a result, they allow you to access various online apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Fitness apps, Games among others.

As compared to shopping for an ordinary TV, smart TVs are not easy to choose because they come with complex features and if you are not conversant with these features, chances are that you might end up with a low-quality product. However, we hope now you can choose the best smart TV for your home after reading this guide.

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