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IMPPA Bans Pakistani Actors; Pakistani Theatres Stop Screening Of Indian Movies


Unnecessarily dragging artistes into the critical Indo-Pak politics after the Uri attack and surgical strike, the Indian Motion Picture Producer’s Association has banned Pakistani artists from working in Indian films, “IMPPA in their 87th annual general meeting passed (a resolution that) no Pakistani will be hired by their producer members forever,” producer TP Aggarwal, the president of IMPPA, said.


“The resolution was passed by all members present in one voice and all IMPPA members are hereby requested to refrain working with Pakistani artistes, singers or technicians till further instructions.” While they said “forever”, reports suggest that it might last only until normalcy returns.

Last week, MNS threatened all Pakistani actors to leave India or they would be kicked out. While Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has been dropped from a project, films like Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Raees, which have already been shot, will not be affected.

Zindagi channel stopped airing Pakistani shows which was the main content of the channel.


Fawad Khan has a substantial role in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

“I respect Zee’s Subash Chandraji for stopping all Pakistani serials on Zindagi channel. I also thank Pahlaj Nihalani for his support and Colors channel for agreeing not to take any Pakistani artists in Comedy Nights Bachao and Bigg Boss. I thank Radio Mirchi for supporting us and stopping Atif Aslam’s program. The day Pakistan stops terrorist attacks only then will we extend our hand of friendship. After the attacks, none of these Pakistani actors condemned it. We are not protesting against art and cinema, we are protesting against Pakistani actors,” Amey Khopkar, President of MNS’ Chitrapat Karmachari Sena said.

Following this, Pakistan countered this move by deciding to ban the screening of Bollywood movies in Pakistani cinemas and theatres until tensions between the nations subside. However, the government is yet to support this decision legally.


“We will suspend the exhibition of Indian films till normalcy. No Indian movies will play in my cinemas from Friday onwards for sure,” said Nadeem Mandviwalla, owner of Mandviwalla Entertainment which runs Atrium Cinemas in Karachi and Centaurus in Islamabad.

“We didn’t wait for an official declaration by exhibitors. From Friday onwards, no Bollywood film will be screened at Super Cinemas for at least two weeks to show solidarity with our actors and our military,” Gultasab, the owner of Super Cinema said.

Did Pakistani artistes have anything to do with the attacks that Pakistan led in Uri? Are Indian actors involved in the surgical strikes that the Indian Army launched at the LoC? We all know the answer, then why are they being subjected to such unruly decisions?

Artistes do not support terrorism, not do they breed it. The MNS wanted Pakistani actors to condemn the Uri attacks, but think about this, if the Indian actors condemned the government or the army decision in some other country, wouldn’t they be charged with sedition? Sure they work in India, but Pakistan is still their home. Would we like our artistes to go against us?

We, as a country, cannot even tolerate when students express their views and that too not on a national platform. We should be the first ones to understand Pakistani actors’ plight.


On the other hand, Pakistani cinemas trying to get back at us by banning Bollywood movies there, knowing for a fact that they would incur huge losses if this happens is just foolish.

An eye for an eye?

This is jeopardising people’s careers. Pakistani actors do not depend on Indian cinema, of course. But, working in Bollywood was opening up so many avenues for them.

Indian cinema, on the other hand, would lose out on some of the most amazing talents like Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Ali Zafar to name a few.


What about us, the audience? Whom would we drool over? Whose songs would we play on repeat? Who would soothe our souls?

How would we feel if Priyanka Chopra is banned from working in Hollywood? 

 “My name is Khan, and I am not a terrorist”: Who knew Shahrukh’s dialogue would seem so relevant some day!

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