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IIT Delhi’s Parivartan’17 Will Surely ‘Free Thy Wings’



‘’Change is the only constant”

                                 —   Heraclitus

Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi presents the annual management, cultural and sports festival Parivartan’17 from 17’Feb to 19’Feb, reaching out to a huge audience which is only getting bigger every year.

The events of the festival ventures into various domains of management education like Finance, Marketing, Operations, Strategy and Consulting, along with exciting sports and cultural competitions

Theme for the festival is Free Thy Wings which connotes to expressing one’s ideas and opinions freely so that no idea gets unnoticed because “Without freedom, there is no creation”.

The force known as ‘Imagination’ or ‘Creative Thinking’ is an important skill required in any entrepreneurial process.

So the motto is to encourage this “Creative Thinking” in students in order to create more and more successful entrepreneurs in the nation.

IIT Delhi has a list of some amazing and interactive activities ranging over almost every category, be it sports, entertainment, entrepreneurship, quizzes and more.

Some of the main attractions here are the:

1. Corporate Roadies

2. Minesweeper

3. Mad Ad

4. Karaoke Night



And these are only a couple of the events, there are more such varied activities hosted at Parivartan 2017!

Please find listed below the formal events of Parivartan 2017! Register yourself at Dare2Compete and follow them on Facebook. For further information visit our website

And if for nothing else, then you just have to attend for the TVF Talk show that will be on 19th February around 5.30 pm.

The talk will be attended by Naveen Kasturia of the hit web series Pichters, Vipul Goyal from Humourously Yours and Maanvi Gagroo of the TVF Tripling.

So get ready to battle it out with the best minds of the country!!

Do register to avail the amazing opportunity to win total prizes worth 5 Lakhs!

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