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‘Modi’fication Of Indian Politics: From Pamphlets To Twitter


Shivam Singh

People are debating on all social media platforms from Facebook to Twitter about Modi and his policies. Some support him while some want him gone. Narendra Modi’s popularity- be it good or bad is greatly determined by the internet. The Internet is his battlefield.

Pre-Modi Politics

Politics used to be a lot tougher before. Door-to-Door campaigns were not only hard but also lacked the wide reach social media has today.

Remember poll contestants going to every doorstep asking for votes and support.Walls full of campaign posters, loudspeakers at their top volumes.  ( It still is. Delhi University in July and August bear testimony to it)

This was Indian politics for the longest time but not anymore.

The Modified Era

While writing the codes of Facebook, Zuckerberg would have never thought he’ll be influencing a nation’s politics that too of the largest democracy in the world and an Asian super giant.

indian politics 'Modi

Narendra Modi, the current Indian Prime Minister is known for his extraordinary involvement in social media and modern technology to get the reach and votes of people.

Being one of the first Prime Minister and a major politician of the selfie era, he has completely understood the need of the hour and has implemented it excessively to build up the immense amount of support that he currently has.

His announcements are through electronic media mediums ( Demonetization happened on the radio). His tweets are re-tweeted and they break records. His day-to-day actions are all chronicled on the internet.

From the hi-tech campaigning of 2014 elections and bringing in the new concept of campaign managers in Indian politics, Modi has not only increased support from youth generation but has also gained fame in the foreign media for this.

With a reach of millions of followers, P.M. Modi is not only second to former States President Obama in terms of twitter followers but also owns one of the most active twitter handles. PM’s twitter account is enough to explain his global activeness and his reach amidst the people.

narendra modi indian poiltics

A personal application for Indian citizens to be in direct contact with the P.M. is novel in our country.  A recent survey on demonetization was carried out on NaMo app and it definitely reached more people than pamphlets ever could.

Several marketing styles like ‘Modi aane wala hai callertune’, 3D speeches, Google Hangouts and what not, Modi has taken over almost each and every social platform to get into the cell phones of the youth of India because we are governed by our phones.

Though online presence does not directly convert into votes but it can surely brainwash a few hundred Indians.

Modi has created and re-written history and technology has played an important role in it. So be it good or bad, Modi has changed the face and the ways of Indian politics forever.

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