BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan or Beyond the Scene, might be one of the biggest musical acts in the world right now. But that does not mean that they are free of judgement or prejudices, not just the members but even their fans.

Called a variety of names like ‘crazy’; ‘stalker fangirls’; ’13-year-old girls’; ‘screaming teenage girls’. Notice how all of them comment on the fans age being extremely young and also they are probably dumb or stalker fan ‘girls’ the gender is apparently very important here.

While the fans, or BTS ARMY as the fandom is called, have been trying to dispel this notion for years now, but it still remains persistent. Although that is definitely not true, the Korean band has a diverse group of fans that vary across genders, age, cultures, and more, but the constant putting down of young girls for liking a band is very common.

This was once more proven by when a teacher from the educational platform Physics Wallah, called out a student in his online class for being a BTS fan and steadily his language grew more and more violent towards the student and racist towards the band.

The video was posted by multiple people on Twitter and YouTube:

He went on to say to the female student that “If you weren’t a girl, I would’ve grabbed your collar and slapped you. Your cheeks would’ve been swollen so much that you wouldn’t be able to say ‘BTS’… I would’ve punched you so hard your nose would start bleeding.

This obviously had a lot of people taking to social media to comment on the behaviour of the teacher and how sexist and racist it was.


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Physics Wallah Twitter page did apologise for the way the teacher talked to the student and the teacher too posted his apology on his Instagram:


Although it came out that the student was also somewhat at fault since they asked in the live comments section ‘who all are bts army’. The section is only for students to put their doubts and questions about the class subject forward.

However, even in that case, there was no need to get so violent with a young kid and talk about how hard they would slap them and that the only reason they weren’t doing so was because she was a girl. What kind of behaviour is this from a teacher? Is the student supposed to feel good that they are a girl and can escape such a brutal punishment from their teacher for merely liking a band?

Also, the student wasn’t really doing anything that different from how normally students in offline classes behave. Was this teacher not a student himself at one point? Didn’t he also perhaps engage in certain random comments here and there with friends while the teacher was teaching standing in front of the class? Has not practically every single student done that at one point or another in their life?

The student could have been reprimanded in a much better way, what exactly are these young kids going to learn from such teachers?

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