Unusual Comparisons: An ED Original content style, where we take 2 very opposite and different items and show you, exactly how similar they might be. 

Holi is coming soon, and with the rapidly rising temperature of the city, this time the festival will be in full swing.

The festival is one of colours, having fun and of course, terrorizing your entire colony with filled up water guns and balloons.

But have you ever thought of how several of our Holi items are similar to none other than our Indian politicians?

Yes, our very own politicians share a lot of things in common with Holi items like a pichakari or perhaps the bhaang or even the most important item that we need at the end of day, shampoo, to wash away all the colour.

Let us take a look at some of these Indian politicians and their Holi counterpart items:

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Image Credits: Google Images

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