The temple dedicated to Uttar Pradesh (UP) Chief Minister (CM) Yogi Adityanath was cause for much hype and interest. It was unveiled on 19th September 2022 and had a 5 feet tall idol of Adityanath carrying a bow and arrow, clad in saffron clothing with a halo around his head.

The temple around 25 kms away from Ayodhya and located near Bharat Kund in the state, had daily evening aarti performed and prasad given out to devotees.

Prabhakar Maurya, the man who made the temple was quoted as saying that “Yogi Adityanath has built the Ram temple for us and I have built this temple for him.”

However, currently, the temple is under much controversy for many things, one of them being the missing idol.

Temple Idol Missing

According to reports, the idol allegedly vanished from the temple grounds on Sunday and along with that Prabhakar Maurya (32), the man who built the temple is also not found anywhere, his phone is also said to be off.

As per a report by The Print, the villagers are claiming that it was the police that removed it, however on their part the police has denied doing so.

Sadanand Yadav, head of Kalyan Bhadarsa village told ThePrint that “They (a team from the revenue department) had come for metering of land to verify the complaint but it started to rain. They took shelter in a nearby gaushala [cowshed] when SHO of Pura Kalandar police station arrived with a large number of personnel from the provincial armed constabulary or paramilitary force and took the idol away.”

He further added that “The idol was taken away and the temple has been locked now. I am fighting for my right.”

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The police, on the other hand, has refuted this with Rajesh Singh, station house officer (SHO) of Pura Kalandar police station, being quoted by ThePrint stating that “these are rumours” but did verify that a team was visiting the temple to verify the claims made against it by Maurya’s uncle 55-year-old Ramnath.

He said that “Prabhakar Maurya’s uncle had alleged that the temple was built on government land to take illegal possession. A revenue department team had arrived at the spot for metering to verify the allegations.”

It is also rumoured that Maurya himself removed the idol and has run away from the place due to the complaint made by his uncle.

According to a report by The Week, a complaint had been sent to the CM’s office on 21st September by Maurya’s uncle alleging that the temple was attempting to get illegal possession of government-owned land. It also reportedly said that mango trees on that particular land had been cut without permission. Maurya, however, speaking to THE WEEK said that “I am being unfairly targeted only for showing my devotion to a man I consider God”.

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