Engineers, by default, are programmed to hate their colleges. And it is not their fault. Most engineering colleges suck on some parameter or the other. Now I have no shame to admit that I am an engineer who totally loves going to his college.

You also won’t be able to not fall in love with my college after reading this piece. But you’ll say it is an engineering college after all. What more is there to it than just some desperate, oily haired lads mumbling java codes under their breath, you’d ask.

Haha. This article will really burst your dream bubble, and make you believe why BVCOE is the best engineering college of IP university.

Excellent metro connectivity

BVCOE’s neighbour is the Paschim Vihar East Metro station. The metro connectivity is one of the plus points of our college. You don’t have to scout for a metro station or fight with auto drivers to take you home. You step out of the college and the entry gate of the metro station is just 10-20 meters away.

Don’t expect the college to be a sprawling mansion or estate. We have to make do with only 5 acres of land.

But within these 5 acres, we have state-of-the-art labs, extremely efficient faculties, and administration staff, the most number of patents filed and a pool of talented engineers.


Our college societies are not like regular societies. In almost all of the societies here, a hierarchy is not followed. This allows students to express their opinion and not blindly follow the leader. With a huge number of societies already active, an average student has so many ways of finding his/her real calling.

My personal favourite society is the International Society of Automation (ISA). All the members of this society are like friends with equal involvement in decision making which is what perhaps makes it the most productive and hardworking society of the college too.

The same thing goes for other societies. Here you will learn life qualities like leadership and team building skills which you will cherish for your entire life.

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The whole college campus is under CCTV surveillance which is a great arsenal for ensuring the security of female staff and students.

And the girl’s hostel is situated in the college campus only, so that outstation female students don’t have to live far away from the college. Talk about women’s security and our college has all of it covered.


I can hands-down say that my college group is the best. I love all those idiots. They are the people who keep you sane when college gets hectic, bunks classes with you, and take a smoke and chai break.

And generally speaking, you will find such a variation in the crowd here, writers, directors, YouTubers, sportspersons; all these ensure that you are never short of ideas and perspectives.

Especially, seniors are the life of this college. You just can’t imagine having true fun without their involvement. They are more than understanding and helping and you’ll learn more from them than your teachers. Trust me, you will cry more on their farewell than on your own.

So finally, I love my college for whatever qualities it has added to my personality.

It may not be the biggest or most beautiful of the colleges, but BVCOE ensures that all the students have their foundations well built. It takes care of us all like no other college ever will.

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