Gods in India are treated as, well, Gods. Nothing is more important than them. They preside over everything in our country. Same is the situation of our Goddesses. We see them as the epitome of purity.

And our fragile religious sentiments would fall like dominoes the moment someone tries to treat our goddesses as one amongst us. We won’t be able to digest seeing our revered goddesses being termed “sexy” or “beautiful”.

But the Kondugullar Bharani festival in Kerala, where the goddesses are worshipped with erotic and dirty hymns, will definitely change your outlook.

Read the following visuals to know more:

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Kerala continues to excite as well as amaze us with its traditions and practices. At a time when we have started dressing our goddesses in a particular fashion only to protect our so-called Indian culture, Kondugallur Bharani festival brings forward a completely different outlook towards our deities. Hope no one gets offended by this form of dedication towards gods.

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Sources- Kerala tourism, 101 India, Wikipedia + more


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