Author Susheel K Dheeravath Explores the Trials and Triumphs of Love in His Latest Novel

New Delhi (India), June 23: Author Susheel K Dheeravath unveils a mesmerizing tale of love, hope, and resilience in his latest novel, “I, Him, and Love – (A Surreal Tale).” Through the captivating narrative, Dheeravath takes readers on an extraordinary journey, delving into the complexities of relationships in an unforgiving world.

In this surreal tale, the protagonist, a hopeless romantic, finds solace and joy in the simple pleasures of life. Sun-kissed walks through enchanting landscapes, cozy nights spent under blankets, and the shared experience of cooking together become the canvases on which love paints its vibrant hues. However, little does she know that the world she inhabits is far from easy when it comes to matters of the heart. Undeterred, she perseveres, navigating the challenges and seeking love amidst the chaos.

Susheel K Dheeravath, an Engineer turned Business Student at the esteemed Indian Institute of Management Kashipur, is a masterful storyteller who fearlessly explores new avenues. By day, he immerses himself in the corporate world, tackling complex challenges, but by night, his pen weaves tales that touch the depths of readers’ hearts. With a keen eye for human emotions and an extraordinary ability to capture ordinary moments, Dheeravath’s writing transports readers into a world brimming with love and affection.

Unlike his contemporaries, Dheeravath’s narratives begin with seemingly mundane incidents, gradually evolving into exhilarating rollercoaster rides of emotions and feelings. He skillfully captures the essence of human experiences, weaving them into extraordinary tapestries of love and togetherness. His stories reflect the beauty of everyday life, intertwining it with the extraordinary, creating a truly immersive reading experience.

When he’s not engrossed in his writing, Susheel K Dheeravath finds solace in traveling, immersing himself in the beauty of different cultures, and seeking inspiration from diverse perspectives. He is a connoisseur of shayaris and music, which serve as his muse and guide during the creative process. With a passion for constant learning, Dheeravath explores new horizons and expands his knowledge, enriching his storytelling ability with each endeavor.

As a talented poet himself, Dheeravath’s curiosity and unique perspective on life fuel his passion for crafting new stories that shed light on unexplored facets of the human experience. His writing resonates with readers, making them reflect on their own relationships and cherish the bonds they hold dear. Through his words, he invites readers to explore the depths of their own hearts and embark on an introspective journey alongside his characters.

“I, Him, and Love – (A Surreal Tale)”, published by Astitva Prakashan (, promises to be a thought-provoking and enchanting book that will captivate readers from beginning to end. The book is a testament to Dheeravath’s talent for seamlessly blending reality with extraordinary, captivating readers with his vivid storytelling. Dive into this extraordinary journey of love, understanding, and the power of human connections, and let Susheel K Dheeravath guide you through a world where dreams become a reality and love fills the atmosphere.

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