The COVID situation in India is seeing its worst phase. The healthcare system is down to shackles and the state of affairs is pretty grim. It’s a lifetime of trauma for many families in the country. But, as they say, it’s only through your darkest times when you see your new heroes as a ray of sunshine. That ray of sunshine today is a friend duo – Huzefa Vana and Dipen Bharwad.

The duo has gotten all their business on hold and put in all their might to help the needy today. From arranging oxygen cylinders to even buying oxygen concentrators, Huzefa and Dipen have pledged to put all their might into the work.

“Every day we wake up with the news of someone in the extended family passing away, or being critically ill. The situation is really bad. So we’re putting in all that we can,” says Huzefa. Huzefa Vana is a diamond merchant in Dubai, who hails from Gujarat.

On being asked what exactly they are helping with, Dipen Bharwad adds, “Everything we can. We’re importing Oxygen concentrators from foreign. We’re getting Oxygen cylinders from our friend’s plants and have bought over a hundred oximeters to distribute to everyone who needs it. We’re also speaking to our business allies to ensure that there’s no black marketing of any of these essential items.”

Dipen Bharwad is an Ahmedabad-based businessman who owns Nine Events.

The duo says that the news of these essential items being black marketed disgusted them.  “It was pathetic to discover about it. So we went on to place big orders for life-saving drugs like Remdesivir, Ivermectin and other steroids and distribute them for free. That’s one way of cutting these middlemen who charge obnoxious amounts for these items,” says Huzefa.

Huzefa also informs that he and his friends have set up a team to look after the relief work. “We’ve two people working round the clock to ring hospitals and verify the availability of beds. We release the list every few hours on our social media platforms to help everyone,” he says.

To help families who have all their members struck down with the virus, their team is ensuring that they get quality food tiffins too. “Yes, we’re bearing the cost of it. But that’s a very small contribution to everything that these people have given us. We have grown our business with these people, so it’s time for us to give it back to society,” says Dipen.

Dipen also adds that he has a few doctors in the family and understands what they’re doing. “Yes, we may call them frontline workers but we are treating them badly, at times,” he says.  “To ensure their mental well being we are providing them with food of their choice,” he adds.

The duo says that they are in the process of bringing in more friends and expanding their work.

“There is a lot more to do. And that is why we are getting in many of our friends to do the required work,” says Dipen.

“But what can a common man do?” we ask. “A lot,” says Huzefa. “You don’t need to always bring in a lot of money to help people. A simple act of only delivering food to your neighbours who are affected by the virus is an act of goodwill. You can also go out to get basic medicines like vitamin supplements and antibiotics to help them too,” adds Dipen.

Well, let’s hope more and more people are inspired and come ahead in times of needs.

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