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Humans Of New York: Brandon’s Pakistan Struggle & Victory


Humans humans everywhere,

But same story, oh god, never!

This could be the motto of Brandon Stanton run very popular FB page ‘Humans Of New York’. It’s been three years since I fell in love with HONY and let me tell you, how each story has bombarded me with emotions. Ecstatic and buoyant, gloomy and despairing, metaphysical, and startling, I have been through it all with HONY. My love for HONY grows every day. Exponentially, mind you! There have been times when his stories zone you out and you are left gaping at the cruelties of the world. But at the end of the day, it’s worth your time and thought. And the best part is everybody appears just the same but their stories are as contrasting, different and inspiring as it gets.

Brandon recently concluded his tour of Pakistan and his photoblog has been changing lives there.

On August 13, he posted the photo of this anguished mother.


Her story was a story of torment and torture and all you wanted to do was love and support her.


People from all over the world united for her and wanted means to reach out to her so that she could be assisted. The woman was eventually located and a system was set up for donating cash to her or helping her in kind.


In the final concluding series of photos of his Pakistani tour, he showed the dark side of humanity and made a difference in the life of millions people.

Through his photography, he also portrayed human slavery and bonded labour in the worst of forms where in people are trapped with insurmountable loans, paying it off their wages by slogging in the brick kilns.


He brought to limelight the crusade of Syeda Ghulam Fatima, who leads the ‘Bonded Labour Liberation Front’, a group aimed at purging this malicious practice.


“Pictures speak a thousand words” and this adage stands by HONY.

The struggle and the fight of Fatima have been monumental in helping the people chained though she has been “shot, electrocuted, and beaten numerous times for her activism.” Through the coverage, Stanton has raised almost 2 million dollars to help Fatima and her group.


Stanton commented that it had been a transformational amount of money and with this, they hoped to end bonded labour in Pakistan.


At the end, ED salutes Brandon, his nobility and his willingness to change the world for the better. We wish him the best for his future endeavours.



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