Human Beings Are Judgmental And This Is WHY It Is Okay

By Rohit Sharma.

Nowadays, people are very much judgmental towards others based on their likes, dislikes.


Why is this happening?

Can there possibly be a justification for being judgmental?

Yes, I have a reason, Because We Have No Choice!

Whether we, as humans, want to admit it or not, we make assumptions about everything before we get the chance to see the big picture. People are naturally drawn to beauty; whether it be a sight, a sound, or an idea, anything that is beautiful will attract attention. I know that “being judgmental” has a negative connotation, but in a way, it’s a good thing. Let me go on a little tangent here…

Judging is a Survival Mechanism

Judging something before encountering it can be very beneficial.

“Human beings are prone to judge and evaluate situations, each other, and even ourselves. This is a survival mechanism – something we do to avoid danger and prevent harm from happening to us.” Imagine a caveman encounters a roaring lion for the first time. Looking at that lion and going “Man that is one scary fur ball” can save his life!

Whether one wants to or not, judging is a part of human nature.

Just like a caveman will be attracted more to a ripe and colourful mango than a rotten apple, human beings are more attracted to attractive people than they are to less attractive people. And advertisers love to embrace that! A commercial or any ad for that matter with attractive people will get someone’s attention. Movie trailers, health magazines (for both men and women) etc. Animals automatically judge something by the first element of their sensory system. For humans, that would be a sight. We judge things as soon as we see them!

We have no choice!

Rohit Sharma is an entrepreneur by profession and an engineer by education. He has a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Apeejay College of Engineering.

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