With the rapid surge in COVID-19 cases during the past few days, people are running from pillar to post to get basic medical facilities. Social media is flooded with appeals of plasma donation and people are struggling to find empty beds and Remdesivir injections. 

Amidst the horrifying circumstances faced by the nation in the current times, several people are coming forward to help one another. Campaigns to promote people for plasma donation are being run.

However, several resources are getting overburdened due to the huge number of calls they are receiving. Due to this, their stock is also running out and they are not being able to cater to the needs of the public. 

Below are some resources which can be referred for procurement of Remdesivir and plasma.

Remdesivir Injection

First and foremost, Dr. Reddy’s website can be visited for inquiring about the vials. However, since the website is showing that there isn’t any stock available, their number 1800-266-708 can be approached.

Cipla has also released a number, 8657311088, through which vials are available but the same needs to be done through hospitals. The contact numbers given above are verified.

Secondly, Shivangi on Twitter posted a crowdsourced list that has verified numbers and has worked for her in procuring the injections.

Hospitals like AIIMS, Delhi, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center, Jaipur Golden Hospital, Kailash Hospital, Noida and Medanta- The Medicity, Gurugram can be reached for the injection, but you might need a contact person to get the vials. 

A frontline worker, Pawan, is also aiding individuals in Punjab. He can be contacted at +91-7898643311. Furthermore, one can contact @112UttarPradesh (on Twitter) or call 112 in Uttar Pradesh. The state-run emergency service is proactively working to provide necessary resources to people. 

Political leader, Srinivas B V, who can be contacted through his Twitter handle @srinivasiyc is also doing his bit in helping people procure Remdesivir in the Delhi-NCR region. He can be approached for the same.

Remdesivir is also available at Shakun Medical Store, Lucknow. The store can be contacted through their number 9335025309. It is also available in Varanasi and can be procured by calling 79922491949 and 7007901341.

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Delhi Government has come up with a website delhifightscorona.in using which one can request plasma and are provided with the same via the government. Additionally, this website can also be used for checking the availability of beds in Delhi COVID hospitals.

@Plasmadonors.delhi is an Instagram page that provides details of people willing to donate Plasma to patients. They have segregated the information on the basis of blood group and place for easy accessibility. They also have a donor registration link, if someone wants to register themselves as one.

Apart from this, hospitals like Kailash Hospital, ILBS and LNJP also have plasma banks. These hospitals can be approached for plasma procurement. 

https://plasmaline.in/#ForPatients is also providing plasma matches to people in need of plasma however, they require a verification which might take up to 24 hours.

https://plasmadonor.in/for-patient/ is another website matching potential donors with patients requiring plasma. 

@112UttarPradesh (call at 112) is also providing plasma to people. 

For residents of Pune, covidpune.com is providing information regarding the availability of beds and plasma. The website is getting updated every 15 minutes.

All the above resources are verified and are actively helping patients and their families. If you know of any such resources which have stepped up for helping COVID-19 patients, do tell us in the comments below.

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Sources: India Today, One India, Twitter

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