For many years there, the LinkedIn platform was seen reserved only for the older people and those who are full-time working.

It wasn’t exactly a place where the younger generation wanted to be, since it has none of the flashiness that other social media platforms offered.

There were no chances of going viral, no sharing of random captions, no selfies and all. In fact, just the very fact that someone’s boss or teacher could see their profile worked to keep everyone in check and only post things that were serious and professional.

However, with more and more of the younger generation joining the workforce or choosing to start working at an early age, LinkedIn has seen some changes brought to it.

Now it seems that there might also be the standard ‘fake celebrity profiles’ that are pretty common on other social media platforms.

Akshay Kumar’s LinkedIn Profile?

A few days back this LinkedIn profile came on my social media wall and after going over it, certainly gave me a good laugh.

The profile claims to be of Rajiv Bhatia, which is the real name of popular Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar.

Some of the things that had me chuckling were how it claimed that the person is an ‘Indian-born Canadian actor’ and even bragged about getting awards for films like Ajnabee and Garam Masala.

However, for all intents and purposes, this could very well be a fake profile created by someone else only.

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There is not really any real or personal information on the profile and the stuff that is on it already public knowledge.

It does seem that everyone is flocking to LinkedIn these days, with the platform becoming just a more professional version of Instagram.

Some people do believe that this is the real Akshay Kumar while others think this is just a fake profile made by a random person who had some free time.

Nonetheless, it does beg the question of where LinkedIn as a social media platform is going, since right now it seems to be caught in some sort of an abyss.

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