Admission time is a time of complete and utter hassle. Admission into DU, more specifically LSR, is no cake walk either.

Right from when the admission forms are released to the payment of the fee, it is complete chaos.


Here are a few pointers to note before you apply to LSR:


– LSR is a prestigious institution under the University of Delhi, offering 15 undergraduate courses including Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, Hindi, Sanskrit, Psychology, and Journalism among others. See website for all courses (

– It doesn’t offer courses in the sciences.

– The most popular courses are Economics, History, Political science, Psychology and English.


The admission procedure is somewhat easy to grasp but extremely time-consuming and draining. The online Delhi University form needs to be filled out with all the details.

Once the cut-offs are released, aspiring students have to go to the college and enroll themselves, provided they meet the cut-off of the desired course. This can be a full one/ two-day procedure where patience is key.

It’s also a slow process with multiple tiers including document collection, registration, form filling and final enrolment where all the documents will be submitted to the college. This requires a lot of running around so it’s important to keep yourself hydrated at all times.


The documents that you will need will range from your class 10th mark sheet to the common DU application form that is filled out during online registration.

  • Self-attested photocopies of all the documents are required
  • Carry more than one copy (at least 3)
  • Passport size photograph(s)
  • 10th marksheet
  • 12th marksheet
  • Bonafide certificate and transfer certificate from your school

For more details check the Delhi University Website (

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1. The cut-offs for Psychology, Journalism, English,, and Economics are usually the highest across all categories. Last year the cutoffs respectively were (for the general category) 98.50, 98, 98, 97.25 and 97.5 percent in the first list.

2. Psychology and Journalism usually shut after the first list, depending on how much the cutoffs have varied from the previous year. However, if there are withdrawals, the lists might open again towards the end.

3. There are a total of about 11-12 cut off lists for LSR but most courses are closed by the final list.


LSR offers admissions through ECA and Sports quota.

  • ECA: theatre, debate (Hindi/English), dance, filmmaking, instrumental, singing etc.
  • Sports: Shooting, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Swimming, Table tennis etc.

A separate ECA/Sports form needs to be filled. If shortlisted, you will be called for auditions. Depending on the activity/sport there will be multiple rounds and then the final selection.

Auditions will be held on the college campus on designated dates.

LSR as an all-girls institution, is a place which will have its ups and downs but prepares you for reality. It is a place with a lot of reality checks and multiple opportunities for growth and learning.

Everyone has issues adjusting to a new place. But for me, an all-girls environment was completely new and it took me a while to get used to it. However, once you do, there is no turning back. It is a great place to be in.

Keeping this gyaan aside, do not stress or over think. It might be chaotic but eventually, the dust settles.

Keep checking the Delhi University and LSR website regularly for updates and all the best!

Happy Applying!

Sources: LSR website, Delhi University Website, Maps of India 

Image Source: Google Images

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  1. Can gap year students take admission in LSR? Also could you tell the exact admission process once you reach college after clearing the cut-off?

  2. Is there a entrance exam for Du colleges admission or 12th board results are enough? Update according to latest notification regarding the same.

  3. What sort of difference we can notice between remaining universities and LSR?
    Can we have any fee concession regarding our result in intermediate state board examination?


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