The myth that Indians are not really creative, is something that needs to go.

Sure perhaps in the recent years, the Indian inventiveness got lost somewhere among the international achievements and was not given enough attention.

But that does not mean that the Indian youth is not working on creating new and crazy things that can lead to greater inventions in the tech industry of the country.

This was further proven in the recently held design and development innovation contest called KPIT Sparkle 2018 organised by the multinational tech company KPIT.

The winners of this competition would be able to turn their prototypes into reality and fully designed products.

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Along with that, we even saw our own Iron Man, a rape-proof underwear and more such designs that showcase our youth’s creativity and inventiveness.

This video takes a look at some crazy inventions by the Indian youth:

Thus, the only thing remaining is a bit more focus from authorities and government to such areas wherein students are allowed to bring out their inner inventor and try out different things.

Some things that can work in this case would be more inter and intra-school design and tech competitions, where students create something unique and useful, along with a more positive approach from teachers if students want to make something out of the box. Plus funding ofcourse.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Hindustan Times, YourStory, News18 

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