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How Success Coach Anastasia Naftalieva is Helping Mompreneurs Level Up in Business


Growing a business alongside family is the goal for entrepreneurial moms. “With the right mindset and proven strategies to back you up, you can create a business and life that lights you up,” says Anastasia Naftalieva. “And you can ditch burnout to get to your next level of success with more ease.” 

Anastasia Naftalieva, certified mindset and success coach, is on a mission to help moms in business hustle less, achieve more, and create success on their terms. She founded Anastasia Naftalieva Coaching in 2020 in a pivot from a career as a marketer for Fortune 500 tech companies in the Silicon Valley that spanned over a decade. 

Through private one-on-one programs and a membership community, Anastasia provides mindset coaching and business mentorship to moms who are looking to setup or scale their service-based businesses. She helps coaches, creatives, consultants, freelancers, and entrepreneurs looking to turn their unique expertise and talent into a profitable online business. 

“Most people discount the role their mindset and beliefs play in influencing their reality,” says Anastasia, “and that’s what separates them from the people who succeed and achieve their goals.”

The human brain processes millions bits of information per second. That information then gets stored, distorted or deleted in the subconscious and interpreted through a person’s belief systems. That is why, as an NLP practitioner, Anastasia’s coaching methods combine mindset work with practical strategies that can be put to work in her client’s businesses. 

“You can have a step-by-step proven strategy handed to you, but if you don’t first do the mindset work to empower yourself and take action in alignment, you will block yourself from your next level of success,” says Anastasia. “As a coach I will give non-judgemental guidance to help you release those blocks. I will also hold you accountable to do the work.”

Mindset can be the single most important tool to achieving breakthrough success. More incredibly, mindset something that everyone can up level with the right strategies. Anastasia’s coaching offers strategies to: 

  • Ditch limiting beliefs and reframe into a more empowering mindset – so you can unlock your limitless potential
  • Train your mind to work toward your breakthrough goals – and create breakthroughs in every area of your life
  • Get clear on your milestone goals, create an aligned action plan and take consistent action with confidence – so you can finally ditch overwhelm

You can learn more about Anastasia’s private coaching and coaching membership here:

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