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How Ktborderline is set to disrupt the hip hop music scene?


With the endless opportunities the world of hip-hop music has created, groups and individuals including Ktborderline can find itself at the forefront of its industry simply by knowing how and when to strike. Ktborderline launched his recent song, Amerikkk when it was needed at the depressing times. It is said that “Charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul”, his latest song is touching the hearts of people and is proving to be a song that one can be excited about after the toughest pandemic time. 

He has drawn the eyes of people at times, by rapping about police brutality and racism that people avoid. Ktborderline has been writing music since a very young age when he was only in the sixth grade but thought to adopt it professionally, when he graduated high school in 2004. 

His video “Fresh in the Club” has amassed 2 million views on youtube and has been getting positive reviews from the listeners from a long time. But really nothing has happened in a day, there has been constant hard work that has led to success. According to Ktborderline, he believes that you can achieve success only when you are persistent and willing to study things deeply to achieve the master stroke.

The path to success was not easy for him, but he has bigger dreams with ambitions supported by his massive and determined actions. Ktborderline has always the willingness to take risks to make the path of success in the hip-hop industry. He shares, the success of  “Fresh in the Club” is not the end but it is rather the beginning that he was looking for. His music style is influenced by Jay Z , Meek Mill and Drake, somebody that’s a conscience Rapper. 

Like everyone, you have the vision to find your dreams but the courage to get on it and perseverance to follow it, can lead you to success. Ktborderline has to learn digital marketing and promotions to reach the audience and he was able to get there after a lot of learning and planning through repeated trials and errors. Things were not easy for him as an independent music artist in the music world.

Instead of opting for just paid promotions, he also utilized social media marketing to reach the audience that was looking for something that can thrill their minds. Ktborderline is set to revolutionise many aspects of hip-hop music and has been named as “hip-hop for youth”. Entering a career that he has dreamt of since his childhood, Ktborderline is all set to disrupt the hip-hop music scene and make a rare self-made success story. 

Ktborderline can be followed on his Instagram handle: ktborderline

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