New Delhi, July 25, 2021: ”A business that makes you a couple of bucks is always better than a job that made you thousands.” A line that helped a curious child whose father served as a high ranking professional in a media company, transform into a successful entrepreneur who has carved a distinctive niche in the industry.

Here is a glimpse of the success ladder of Mr Abubakar Lala, owner of a thriving venture that may serve as an inspiration to budding entrepreneurs. Rewinding to his childhood, Mr Lala was born in a service class family with his father serving as his greatest inspiration. He used to take him on business trips to help him learn how to deal with people, how to solve problems in critical situations and how the business world functioned. 

”I always had a keen interest in computers and thanks to my mother’s contribution, I was making decent bucks at the tender age of 14-18 via web designing. Another inspiration in my life was my grandfather who dedicated his life to the service of mankind and spent 80 years of his life teaching free-of-cost and organizing charities in emergencies like earthquakes and floods,” says Mr Lala.

What further inspired him to become a successful entrepreneur and help humanity was the dreadful situation of individuals in his country who were being sandwiched between the regular scuffles of the army and terrorist cults. 

After graduating from college, he enrolled himself in a software engineering course at a local university and also simultaneously started a food cart business in collaboration with a friend. What may come as a surprise to you is  that this venture was started by him with a mere $155 and without any employees. Gradually his small venture blossomed into a $1 million business. The now successful entrepreneur also learned that universities lack in imparting practical business knowledge and merely give certificates. 

While things were going smooth, the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic led to a massive turmoil in the hospitality and restaurant sector. Major food brands in the world either went bankrupt and rolled their operations or changed their business models completely and his venture was not an exception. Mr Lala’s partner buckled under the immense economic pressure and moved out of the business. This also compelled him to brainstorm for new futuristic business ideas and the potential of digital currencies convinced me to step into the sector.

Today he boasts of an innovative product that includes integrating blockchain technology with small scale businesses with his core mission revolving around improving the lives of the most vulnerable segment.

Message to youngsters and budding entrepreneurs

”My advice to the youngsters and budding entrepreneurs of the world is to not run after material gains, rather figure out how you can solve a problem, how you can make the world a better place, how you can leave a long-lasting impact on the world and improve the lives of people after you are gone: Money and Success will come by itself,” says Mr Lala.

He is of the firm opinion that no one is born without a greater reason and no one should die without making the world a better place. And nothing is impossible if one can dream the impossible. Mr Lala adds that if you can believe that you can achieve something, hustle for it day and night, round the clock and also pray to receive the result of your struggles (Dream Believe Hustle Pray). He also stresses on focussing on spirituality to transform into a very peaceful, humble, patient and steadfast individual.

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