People are surprised by the wonders Rakesh has been doing in Stock Market being a Data Associate in a private company. He stepped into the market after Trendy Traders mentorship and has been getting huge and consistent profits since then.

Our Team decided to interview him and ask some questions related to his trading career on how he has flourished.

A short introduction about yourself.

Hello, I am Rakesh, working as a Data Associate in a private organisation when I joined Trendy Traders and now, I quit my job and going to have my own venture while I trade and invest.

Do you have any prior finance background?

No, just the knowledge I have gained on my own and through my friends.

Describe your trading journey before joining Trendy Traders.

I have never traded on a regular basis before joining Trendy Traders rather I was investing for long term holdings.

Where did you come across Trendy Traders Membership?

Through Forbes and Instagram.

When did you join the course and which membership?

I joined Diamond Membership by Trendy Traders on the month of May, 2021.

What made you feel the course is for you?

I was so curious about the market and wanted to learn from the basics to handle the challenges. So, I thought the best place for me to learn those skills was here. 

How was your experience while following the structured course and mentorship ?

It’s been two months since I joined here and I have learned a lot of things which made me realize where I stand on my market knowledge. Their method of teaching the terms, methods and strategies one by one and letting us train on everything before moving to the next session to make sure that our basics are strong is excellent.

Compared to yours past performance in trading, what’s the status now?

I have taken my first trade after joining the membership was post third session and I managed to make 1% profit out of it. After a week my portfolio raised by 7% (more than the fee I paid) which I never made before learning the basics about candlestick patterns and reversals from my mentor on diamond membership.

Why would you recommend Trendy traders when it comes to Stock Market learning and mentorship?

My main reason for recommending Trendy traders would be their skilled mentors and the patience they have while clearing the doubts and support through call or message anytime. They don’t rush on the topics. One more major reason is that the session was never boring rather interactive and fun.

At last few precious words about service and mentorship of Trendy Traders.?

As I mentioned earlier, I never felt left out when I needed support for clearing my doubts. The mentor will always keep a track on what you are doing and keep asking you about your progress on the trades you have taken and put up a session to discuss the reasons behind the loss and gain on a specific trade taken by you. I could say Trendy Traders go by the saying “SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE”. 

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