Youth are throwing a rock-solid party by demonstrating against CAA/NRC in Delhi, Mumbai, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and whatnot? 

            “Cheers to a new year, and another chance for us to get it right.”

                                                                                    –Oprah Winfrey

Does This Mean That There Is A Chance For India Too?

Protests against the CAA and NRC and the subsequent police brutality have left the nation in a state of deep socio-political unrest.

Regardless of their religion and their native Indian region, this openly discriminatory bill against Muslims from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh has young people all over India demonstrating, thus proving that unity is the ultimate strength.

We may have come to new beginnings with this year, but the enraged voices against such heinous bigotry still continue, becoming louder and sharper with each passing day.

As a countdown from the 29th of December, until the very eve of the New Year itself- here are some significant highlights in few places that tell us that the equalists against CAA cannot be easily SHUSHED:

Delhi Women Brave The Cold:

Shaheen Bagh in Delhi stood witness to a huge crowd of protestors on the 29th of December, mainly consisting of women and children who sat through under the bare sky on one of the coldest nights of the year. 29th and 30th of December also saw a continuing series of arrests post the Jamia violence.

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Kolkata Unites For Gender Neutrality:

The LGBTQ+ pride in Kolkata on the 29th of December gives another take on the story. The implementation of NRC in Assam discounted transgender people and has made countless of them homeless. In addition to that, the state repression and internet shutdown in Assam don’t seem to help either.

Assam Still In Flames:

Assam, the first state in India where the protests began, continues to seethe with anger. Protests continued equally fiercely even on the New Year eve. The initial clamour started on the 4th of December in Assam, right after the bill was presented in the parliament.

The struggle still stretches and the public is nearly exhausted.

I’m not here to give you the news because by now we all are well acquainted with the unfortunate happenings. And what I’ve given here hardly scratches the surface of the deep-seated issue and the reason behind the nation-wide frenzy.

But pause for a second and see how far we have come as a nation into this New Year and the new decade. For a moment, take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

It’s not only people that are affected are fighting. It’s not only the people belonging to the same caste and religion of the people affected that are fighting. We, regardless of religion are coming together for a cause. There is no religion greater and more revered than Justice and Truth.

Let’s start “the” New Year?

No, let’s start a “New” year. Small factions of the population celebrating, while a huge bulk of others are on streets raising their voices against injustice does not make a “new” year at all.

The New Year doesn’t start with the 1st of January. It is when we collectively make new beginnings, live our fellow Indians’ joys and sorrows and vow to break away from the bondage of oppression.

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Sources: India Today, Hindustan Times, Business Insider

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