Momos are one of the most loved street food dishes in India, and we relate to all momo lovers. These dumplings are famous for their savoury filling and the perfect exterior to hold it all in. These dumplings originated in Tibet and have become a sensation across South Asia. The metro cities like Bangalore to small touristy towns are all full of momo lovers. The dish was originally non-vegetarian, but the vegetarian version is more widely accepted in countries like India & Nepal. India and Nepal are truly responsible for the origination of vegetarian versions of Momos, and we love them just as much as the non-vegetarian ones. Let us talk about what Momos are all about, their vegetarian version, and how can you find the veg momos in Bangalore. The culinary scene of Bangalore is very diverse, and finding good food in the city is nothing short of an adventure.

What are Momos? 

Momos are a type of dumpling that originated in Tibet and are eaten across South Asia. They are eaten mainly in Tibet, Nepal, India, Bhutan, and various parts of China. They consist of a thin layer of dough that is wrapped around a filling. The filling can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian, and the cooking method can also vary from steaming, pan frying, and deep frying. The traditional version of this dish has a filling made up of minced meat, which can be chicken, lamb, or pork, and they are mixed with chopped vegetables, herbs, and spices. Indians have made a vegetarian version of the dish to suit the culture and taste palette of Indian people. Vegetarian momos are getting increasingly popular all over the country, from metro cities like Bangalore to smaller towns. Every city and town in India has restaurants and street vendors that are selling momos, and the only reason is the popularity of this dish.

How did Momos Become Vegetarian? 

Momos were originally a meat-based dish, and the vegetarian version of the dish was made to suit the taste and preferences of Indian people better. The following factors are what contributed to this shift:

Cultural Diversity: When momos travelled to different countries, they met people of different cultures. The people of India & Nepal came up with vegetarian versions of the dish. The major reason behind that was the dietary preferences of Indians and Nepalis. The vegetarian versions also soon became as popular as the nonvegetarian ones.

Religious Belief Systems: Nepal & India both countries have a population that mainly follows Hinduism, and the majority of Hindu people are pure vegetarians. This religious belief is why these people adhere to a vegetarian diet.

Dietary Preferences: A lot of people around the world are now becoming more and more diet-conscious. Plant-based diets started as a trend a long time ago and have become one of the most prevalent dietary preferences on an international scale. These dietary preferences arose as a result of ethical considerations, animal welfare, and health concerns.

Creativity: Chefs around the world tend to get creative with cuisines around the world and momos are no different in this matter. Home cooks, as well as chefs around the world, have contributed to this shift by using their creativity to the best extent and creating many variations of vegetarian momos.

How to find the Best Vegetarian Momos in Bangalore?

If you are looking forward to finding the best momos in Banglore, you can take into consideration the following tips:

Read Reviews and Check Ratings: The ratings and reviews of a place have become the peeking door of any business. You can decide whether or not to buy from a business based on the experiences other people had with them. These prove to be an effective way of making a decision and you can also check the reviews of restaurants in Bangalore before making your decision.

Recommendations: Did your friend recommend you a momo place in Bangalore? In that case, you should check it out for sure. If you have someone who is a fan of momos and has lived in Banglore for a while, he/she can suggest the best places to eat.

Social Media: Social media is addictive, but it sure has benefits to it. You can see which restaurant in Bangalore is trending and whose momos are getting famous if you want to get a better idea of where to eat momos from. Social media will give you a fair idea of which place is getting popular for momos.

Food Delivery Platforms: The food delivery platforms never lie to you in this regard. They show you the honest ratings and reviews of restaurants to help aid your decision to order using their app.

Try Authentic Restaurants: You can try restaurants that serve authentic Tibetan food. This is a recommendation for people who love authentic cuisine better than the localized variations of the dishes. So many authentic restaurants in Bangalore are serving vegetarian momos to their customers.


The food landscape of Bangalore is very colourful and full of surprises, and it can be overwhelming to find your favourite dishes. With the help of the right tools and tips, you can easily find the best vegetarian momos in Bangalore. This fusion dish can be found with the help of recommendations, ratings, and reviews on food delivery platforms. One such food delivery platform is Swiggy, which has the best delivery experience in India. The best part of this app, you don’t need to visit the restaurant. Just order using their platform, and a delivery guy will make sure the food reaches your doorstep while it is still warm. So, what are you waiting for? Order your favourite food from Swiggy Now!

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