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Greenery Outside The Window: How Houseplants Are Helping You?


By Jinelle D’souza

Have you ever passed a building in your locality and just couldn’t stop staring at their  beautiful balcony with pretty plants,  bright gorgeous flowers shining in the sunlight and with curly creepers that ran down their grills, and thought, when can I have mini gardens like these at my home?

Or have you ever entered someone’s house and thought they had beautiful plants in their hall and the way they decorated their hall with these plants is just brilliant.

Well, yeah, that’s happened to me a lot.


Let’s list out the reason why houseplants are crazy awesome.

1. Room Decor – DUHH!! Houseplants can totally be magnificent home decor. In my opinion, they are the best room decor. They can just brighten up your room and make your home look and feel fresh. They can be the best source to add color to your room, those cute little flowers! One can accessorize the plants with decorative patterned pots. Cactuses are also such a cute room decor. So chic! I have a cute little cactus on my desk. (Just can’t get enough of it.) Houseplants are the best option for colorful interior decor.


2. Cleaner air to breathe – Plants help in improving the quality of the air we breathe inside our homes. We all know that they take in carbon dioxide (that we give out) and give out oxygen that we take in. Both, plant leaves and roots help in removing traces of toxic vapor, carbon monoxide etc from indoor settings. They purify the air and enable us to breath fresh air.

3. Helps in relaxing – When plants are present in a room they help in creating a restful atmosphere. They are beneficial as they help in reducing stress levels, as plants have a calming effect on humans, which results in a more relaxed you.


4. Humidify their surroundings – Many plants with broad leaves release moisture into the air by evaporation of the moisture in their leaves. It gets easier for people to develop viral infections when humidity levels are too low, and when humidity is too high we are vulnerable to eye and fungal diseases. Therefore, they also help in maintaining a balance of the humidity levels in the air around them. When the humidity is just at the right level, it helps avoid dry skin, lips, nose, throat. Girls, see I found a way for us to have luscious lips forever. *inserts hair flip emoji*

5. Helps in reducing illness – When there are many plants in a room they showed to have 50% to 60% fewer bacteria and molds in the air than in rooms without plants. Norwegian researchers found that houseplants can reduce fatigue, coughs, sore throats and cold-related illnesses by more than 30%.

6. Boosts creativity – Flowers seem to have the power to boost one’s creativity. It’s also proven that plant improve your idea generation, mood, etc. Hence, if you want to be more productive, get more flower plants. And there’s one more pro, that is they smell beautiful! Having flowers around me, always makes me feel more productive.

7. Negates cigarette smoke – If you are a smoker or live with one, houseplants help to clean the air of the pollutants let out by cigarettes. They help to reduce the effect of cigarette smoke on the other members of the house.

Having houseplants can be really beneficial not just to you but to the other people in your home as well. And they’re so easy to take care of. They literally have so MANY pros, so when are you going to get those cute little plants already?

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