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Free Advice Is An Indian Forte But Here We Give You 8 Real Life Advices


By Hitee Singh

Be polite, respect your elders, don’t raise you voice. These are just an iota of the advices that have been given to you by your parents or teachers while growing up.

Today I will be your teacher/parent/mentor and give you some real advice from my observing and my personal learnings.

1. Start Daydreaming

I am talking about ‘The Secret’. If you want something badly, start imagining that thing happening to you to every minute detail. This is no joke. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t make equivalent effort to achieve it. I am sure you must know by now that there is no substitute for hard work.

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2. Practise what you preach

The reason nobody told you this because they themselves couldn’t do this. In order to build one’s respect and image, it is imperative to stick to your word so that people know that yes, you have values and you can be trusted. Be true to your word. There is a reason why successful people’s word matters more than yours.

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3. Be equipped to handle mental pain and not only physical

I never understood why people are more afraid to be physically hurt than mentally. A physical injury heals quickly and its pain can be subsidised but the alternative does we have for that mental pain, the stress? Isn’t it the stress which pushes humans to commit suicide? Imagine the pain it causes that killing yourself seems easier than suffering the pressure. In a healthy body resides a healthy mind. So be strong enough to handle mental and emotional pain as well.


4. Only you can think about yourself

You have to do that because nobody else is going to do that for you. They may say they have your back and all that stuff but in the end, the only one who is responsible for your actions and reactions is you yourself. You cannot expect people to think for your benefit all the time. It is time to put on your decision hat.


5. Money does matter

Despite all that altruistic beliefs in this world, money matters. I am not saying that it can buy happiness but it sure can be a replacement, for some time. The only ones who don’t think so are the ones who can’t have it. Just as the grapes are sour. You need to find a balance between avarice and philanthropy and walk on a moral plane balanced between these two. After all crying in a BMW is better than crying on a cycle.


6. Make sympathetic decisions not empathetic

Don’t just flow with somebody else’s emotions and make decisions. Take the other people’s feelings into consideration but do not go out of your way to be empathetic and end up harming your long term future goals.


7. Power is not worth having if you are all alone

Having power is good but power cannot buy you love or loyalty it can only buy you sycophants who are afraid of you. What use is that power if you do not have your family to share your power and achievements with? Power comes with great responsibility.


8. Your fame doesn’t mean others are below you

Don’t mistake the fact that you are famous and receiving accolades for being superior to others who are not. They may not have the same resources as you and may not be famous or at par with you in terms of social standing but that doesn’t mean that they are more ignorant than you. What are you not ignorant at all? That is quite conceited. Don’t you think?


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