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House of Night: A Vampyre Series That Does Not ‘Suck’


By Arpita Mahapatra

“Darkness does not always equate to Evil, just as Light does not always bring Good.”

That said, vampire fiction does not always equate to crap and not every vampire story is Twilight.  The House of Night is a 12 part book series that revolves around the lives of a core group of gifted fledgling vampyres and their battle against the forces of Evil.



If you have an open mind, then there is a very good chance that you will love these books. If you are annoyingly judgmental, then go ahead and read this series for sure because God knows we all need you people to loosen the heck up. *I hope Donald Trump reads this someday*

These novels are ideal for-

  • The Romantics:

If you believe in the victory of Good over Evil based on the power of love, your faith will be renewed.

#Mystery #Adventure #KnightsInShiningArmour #Gloom&Doom

  • The Fangirls (and Fanboys…I sincerely hope they exist):

The story is set in the 21st C- and the characters happen to be Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter fans. It makes it so relatable, contemporary and makes you feel like you are reading about real events from the present. #NerdHerd #GeekEndMovieMarathon 

  • The Misfits:

If you are awesome enough to know you are anything but ordinary, you will see a bit of yourself in almost every character.

#DarkHorse #OneOfAKind #SoUniqueICan’tThinkOfAdjectives


  • A heavy dose of sarcastic humor. If you need to find quirky comebacks for frustrating and pointless comments from your peers *let’s face it, there are many* then take a good look at the snarky one-liners that several characters come up with.
  • If you are having ridiculous reservations about people who have a different idea of love than yours, these books will familiarize you with some characters that are LGBT teens and you will see things in a new light. 
  • References to pagan worship and other spiritual practices: Cherokee methods of meditation and cleansing rituals on one hand, and the worship of the Greek Goddess of Night (Nyx) with circle casting on the other, fascinate you to the extent that you end up owning several scented pillar candles *which make your room smell like heaven*.



The diverse styles of narration: some sections of the books are written from the point of view of teenagers with their typical use of slang and hopeless grammar *which, I must admit, gets to me at times* while other segments- which, for example, refer to ancient religions of the Black and White Bulls of Light and Darkness – ,have the most poetic and sometimes archaic descriptions worth quoting straight from the books.


In spite of having a lot of depth and a very intricate, jaw-dropping plot, the series loses many readers after the first book because it does not make a good first impression *which, unfortunately, usually lasts*. The first book, Marked, seems like a superficial chick lit that hardly reveals much of the actual storyline and the only reason anyone might read further (like I did) is because the conclusion makes you very curious. Thankfully, the rest of the books get better and better. #PatienceIsKey


To know more about the 12 novels and 4 novellas, visit: 


Happy reading!

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