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Hindware Dreambath- An App That Lets You Transform Your Bathroom Without Spending A Penny



Alright everyone, listen up.

I love my bathroom.

Now now, do not give me the crazy eyes, I do not have any kind of fetish or any other issue.

But honestly, after a good reading room, a bathroom is one place where I simply cannot compromise.

I mean, I can probably live in a very small budget, with overused and almost broken down furniture, but the bathroom is the exception to all that.

I often feel that if I had to spend major bucks then it would probably be on my bathroom, out of all the other rooms in my house.

So, I’d probably be living in filth, but my bathroom would be the epitome of luxury and latest technology.

Now, I do not know how many of you out there, share my affiliations, but if even some of you are reading this, then I am probably going to blow your mind.

Ok, so I am not a good designer, and especially at interior decorating, I do not know my up from my down.


And that is why I absolutely love those apps, where one can virtually design a certain room in their house and see how it would look.

Well, this app called ‘Hindware Dreambath’ app is one of the first of its kind, as it allows one to virtually imagine how their bathroom would look.

I do not think I have ever seen an app for the bathroom, bedroom yes, living room yes, but never for a bathroom.


This app is quite wonderful in that it is not unnecessarily complicated, meaning it is user-friendly and has a wide range of looks and themes to choose from when designing your bathroom.

One thing I love about such apps is the flexibility and creative freedom it allows us, in that, we do not have to go through a lot of time and money, trying to choose the best thing for a particular room, or going by the trial and error route and hope for the best.


This way we can simply just click an image of the room and add or remove certain features and things to it, based on our own personal preferences, family likes and come to a compromise.

All of this without having to spend even a single rupee.


A positive point which works for this app is that it has a good product gallery, which shows us the brand it is from and a bit of information on it.

Oh, and the best part of this app is its feature of dealer locator, which can pull up a list of dealers who would have that certain item.

So many times, we use such an app, create our virtual room, but then have a nightmare trying to find those products.

The Hindware Dreambath app thus works towards eliminating the lengthy searching time we would otherwise put in.


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