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It’s quite evident that since we are sitting at home all the time now, waiting for things to normalize outside, we are supposed to keep up with our daily routine as much as we can. Especially since we are not stepping out, we are highly likely to fall prey to the laziness and accumulate unnecessary fat on our maintained or, already poor, roly-poly physique. 

For that matter, I have to appreciate the way our Bollywood stars have buckled down to maintain their fitness by all means. As of now, gyms are a distant dream but this couldn’t put a stop to our eye-delights’ regime on their dreamy, fit bodies.

Celebrities Are Dealing With Quarantine Head-On

The internet is full of the workout videos of Bollywood celebs, showing us that succumbing to an unfavourable situation is not the way out for those who are smart. When WFH has become a trending abbreviation for those who ‘work from home’, Bollywood has added its own meaning to it- ‘Workout From Home’ and, honestly, it’s really encouraging.

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Nowadays, work from home can be easily done with me sitting on my bed and my fingers dancing on the keyboard when craving to go outside is a big NO.

In such a situation, I personally look for any source of motivation so that I can get out of my comfort zone and put in efforts for my body’s fitness. So, when I see Bollywood actors sweating buckets, I really get pumped up to do the same.

Let’s Go On A Positive Note

When I see some people slamming those fitness enthusiasts for uploading their workout videos, I can’t think of any valid reason for that. What is so disturbing about that?

Even if I don’t just stand and start exercising, at least I get a positive vibe that life can still be kept on its track even during the on-going chaos. It motivates me to do something productive instead of just whiling away and letting my idle brain be a devil’s workshop.

During this time of crisis, it is crucial to go the extra mile to maintain good physical and mental health. Working out helps us get both. So, when I open my feed and get a dose of motivation from my favourite entertainers, I feel thankful to them.

Dear Bollywood, let us not lose our connection, as you teach me some outstanding lessons, simply and coolly. 

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