Watch: 5 Indian Environmentalists Who Are Working To Make The World A Better Place

Climate change and environmental degradation is probably the biggest problem currently faced by the world at large. Every country and every individual is getting affected by the change in climate caused by phenomenons like green-house gases and global warming.

Environmental degradation on the same hand has lead to extinction and endangerment of various species of flora and fauna. Indiscriminate felling of trees is leading to loss of habitat for wild animals.

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Fast extinction of natural resources, including conventional modes of generation of energy, is also a consequence of environmental degradation caused by the unsatisfied greed of human beings.

Let us talk about some environmental-heroes in our video below.

Amidst all this, environmentalists are our heroes. They are trying their best to make things better however, they fail to find the recognition they deserve among the general public.

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Sources: UN Environment, Innfinity, Homegrown

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