When we talk about search engines, then the default go-to for most of us is Google. Hardly anyone would prefer Microsoft Bing to search for something. Those of us who have used both of them would know that Google has better interface and search results. This is why the common assumption is that Bing cannot compete with it and hence it is a failure.

You’d be surprised to know that it is not true and Bing is actually doing better than you assumed. In fact, it is giving its investors what other businesses are unable to – profit.


Bing Is Not A Failure

In 2020, Bing’s revenue from advertising was $7.74 billion. It is minuscule compared to Google’s revenue from advertising which is worth $147 billion. But still, it manages to give good enough profits.

In 2021, it made a profit of $8.53 billion. The catch here is that Bing is the default search engine of many internet users who use Windows. Since almost everyone’s operating system is Microsoft Windows, Microsoft has a monopoly over the default search engine and browser settings.

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Many people don’t know how to change their default search engine as a result of which they continue using Bing. Bing’s market share in the world is 6%, which sounds astoundingly low. However, its market share in the USA is a whopping 33% (one-third). It is 26% in the UK and 17% in Canada.

microsoft bing failure

The Age Demographics

Most of the people with Bing as their default search engine are older people, in their 40s or older. 54% of its users are over 45 years old. This means that they are at a point in their career where they have a stable income and enough savings.

It implies that they are more likely to click on an ad link and then actually purchase the product or the service advertised there. As per the data, 22% more money is spent on Bing ads than on Google ads.

The situation may change in the coming decades when the old, as well as the young generation, would be technologically sound and hence would not struggle with changing their default search engine setting. But in 2022 at least, Bing is not a failure and gives fair competition to Google.

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