If it’s not us, then we definitely know one person who is constantly anxious and overthinks about every little thing. And if there is nothing to do, it is even more difficult not to fall into a panic or anxiety attack. 

Anxiety is one of the main traits of a neurotic personality. Neurotic people have high levels of anxiety and tend to be very moody. They are said to feel envy, jealousy, depression, fear, or any other such emotion at a mentally harmful level. 

But a lot of scientists and researchers have concluded that even anxieties can be used for good. Just like the Chinese symbol of yin and yang, there’s a little scope for good even in neuroticism and anxiety.

Neurotics are prone to be much more capable of handling last moment crises as they tend to be more ‘realistically cynical’.

What Is ‘Healthy Neuroticism’?

A healthy neurotic is someone who, along with high levels of anxiety, has conscientiousness. This combination helps individuals make their life much more productive.

According to a report, conscientiousness can help induce disciplined behaviours. It can stop a person from slipping into bad habits of stress smoking and drinking, and if not stop, it can definitely reduce them. 

According to another report by the BBC, healthy neurotics can be much more resilient during tough times. It also stated that when there were lockdowns all around the world, a lot of people faced helplessness and a sense of powerlessness but people who were neurotic recovered from it faster.

They gained back their control over the situation faster and in a better way. 

People with anxieties also influence their level of chronic inflammation in a positive way. Those who have conscientiousness along with neuroticism have even better results. Such people’s anxieties also cause them to stick to regular exercise regimes and healthier routines. 

How Can You Make The Best Out Of Your Anxieties?

Anxiety can sometimes be like having a lot of power and everyone cannot use it properly. To make the best out of it, you first need to re-paint the picture of anxiety as something that only negatively impacts your life. 

Just like a certain amount of stress is necessary and good for health, neuroticism and anxiety too can be beneficial. 

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Preparing For The Worst But Hoping For the Best

It is not uncommon for neurotics to be pessimistic in every situation. But that pessimism can help you prepare for contingencies. This will make you better prepared for strenuous situations. 

For example: if one were to host a party at home, usually they would rely on one cook or restaurant for the food. Overthinking might cause us to think that ‘what if something happens at the last moment that causes a delay in delivery?’ or any other similar problem. 

In this scenario, one would divide up their food items and order from two different places. So even if one of the restaurant delays or cancels, the situation wouldn’t be completely out of hand. 

Drive Out Motivation To Work Towards Your Goals

Overdoing things is one way of putting it but anxiety can help us walk an extra mile for our goals. When you think that you aren’t doing enough, the worrisome thought can be used to boost our working capacities. 

You can use the same anxious energy to make decisions as well. Scientists say that people with anxiety are quicker and better at making decisions. This boosts us to work for things we wish to accomplish in our life. 

Ensure Your Physical Well-Being As Well

When you use your neurotic tendencies to work an extra hour or take extra precautions it affects the cortisol levels of your body. Cortisol is a body chemical that affects your immunity system which is often largely impacted by levels of anxiety. 

Neurotic tendencies can help you deal with pandemics too. For example: if you are worried about catching coronavirus then there is a high chance that you might be extra cautious in maintaining social-distancing, wearing masks and using sanitizers compared to other people who are laid back. 

This same tendency can be used to avoid minor illnesses that occur from carelessness. For example, you might be extra careful during season change or during winter months about your schedules and diet. 

Next time, when you are worrying about worrying or having anxious thoughts about having anxiety, make sure you remember the positive side of it as well. Depending on how you wield your thoughts, your lifestyle can be entirely changed for better or worse. 

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Sources: BBC, Psychology Today, NBC News, Good Therapy

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