The coronavirus caused a global outbreak in a few months. Not only did the pandemic affect people with the virus, but it also affected their mental health. Several surveys within the span of a few months have shown the deteriorating levels of mental health among people due to this pandemic.

Due to the forced lockdown, people lost jobs, and many were stuck inside their homes with little to no food. Difficult times were made worse by this pandemic. In such times comes anxiety and stress that contributes toward mental health instability.

Recently, a survey showed the negative impact of this pandemic on the mental health of Indians.

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Corona-Anxiety In Every Fourth Indian

A survey was conducted on a web-based platform between April and May. It was conducted by the department of mental health and behavioural sciences at Max Healthcare, Saket.

Around 1,069 people took part in the survey, with the majority of them belonging to Maharashtra, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana.

The survey revealed that every second person showed some signs of anxiety. It had also shown that every one in four people is stressed to the point that they require medical attention. 

Dr. Sameer Malhotra, the head of the department and the leader of the project, said that approximately 55 percent of the people who took part in the survey experienced noticeable symptoms of anxiety, and about 25 percent of people showed severe signs of depression.

Do You Have Corona-Anxiety?

In the anxiety-ridden reality of this pandemic, it is difficult to identify symptoms of crippling corona-anxiety. Here are some signs that you can look for if you think that you may be suffering from corona-anxiety:

    • Increased focus on bad news
    • Irregular or poor sleep
    • Constant worry about catching coronavirus
    • Increased thoughts of suicide
    • Chronic worsening of health

According to the Times Of India, suicide cases have increased from seven to eight cases annually to 40 cases in just three months at Max Patparganj Hospital and Max Vaishali hospital.

It is extremely important to look after ourselves in this anxiety pandemic. Consulting your doctor as soon as you identify the symptoms of anxiety or depression is an optimum solution to track and alleviate your mental illness.

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